Mobilisation Alliance

What is the Mobilisation Alliance?

The Mobilisation Alliance is a UK-wide initiative to identify and align all the supporting services that might be required in support of a mobilisation. Malin React is developing a network of approved local suppliers at each and every Port, able to provide support, as required, within a pre-agreed commercial framework; Welding, Lifting Gear, Cranage, NDT, Load Testing services, and Specialist Electrical and Hydraulic Support. Outside the UK, Malin maintains similar relationships in strategic locations including Holland and Cyprus.

The Mobilisation Alliance uniquely allows Malin React to respond rapidly and confidently, no matter where, no matter when.

How does it work?

Malin React carefully selects, audits and approves suitable suppliers before they are accepted into the Mobilisation Alliance. We are always seeking to improve the alliance, including expansion beyond the UK, and would welcome enquiries from interested companies.

Benefits to the client

The mobilisation allows clients to contract Malin React to provide a turnkey mobilisation service at short notice and with minimum risk.

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