Hydrodynamic and mooring analysis

Our experienced team of naval architects and engineers utilise industry standard software to provide the analysis and verification required in support of various offshore and subsea activity. With experience spanning across the globe, we also demonstrate a wealth of expertise, covering the following areas:

  • Deployment & recovery analysis of subsea equipment – quantification of the risks including crane damage, LARs failure, umbilical damage, asset damage, personnel safety, to ensure a successful operation for our clients.
  • Mooring analysis – wave, current, wind and vessel inputs are modelled to simulate mooring line outputs (tensions, excursions, anchors etc.) We cover offshore and inshore analysis to all of the main design codes
  • Riser installation
  • Pipe lay, cable lay and umbilical lay – required to de-risk the operation including seabed touch down information, top tension maxima, offsets, tensioner SWL, Lay Spread Specifications
  • Offshore lifting – offshore cranes are de-rated for various conditions including harbour, offshore (ship to ship lift) subsea lift based on industry standards and core Naval Architecture techniques
  • Splash zone snatch loading
  • Vessel motions and response

Naval architecture and marine engineering

Utilising state of the art technology and recognised software tools, our team work to expertly consider complex architectural questions, to provide clients with the most effective and efficient solution.

Detailed design ad structural analysis

Through the utilisation of the latest techniques , we work to evaluate structural designs with due regard to client requirements, the relevant codes, production costs, safety and timeframe.

Vessel support and servicing

Many modern OCVs are ‘Multi-Purpose’ vessels, which means that they have a large crane(s), a moon pool, possibly an ROV, all combined with a very large clear deck. Our team are on hand to offer support across a range of services relating to vessels.

Case studies

Find out more about the range of services we offer through detailed case studies, featuring a variety of our clients, across the globe.