Case Studies

Design and manufacture of support buoy

We undertook the design, manufacture & supply of an offshore buoy to support testing of Minesto’s Deep Green Tidal Kite system.

The MGS Buoy is required to house essential operating equipment in order to control and test Minesto’s subsea kite system – and as such, is a critical element of this system. It also acts as an electrical power dump for the system in the absence of an export cable during the initial stages of the project.

Engineering management

We provided engineering management support for the barge ASV Pioneer since her conversion in 2009. The barge performs supporting activities for wind farms, salvage operations and offshore accommodation.

To date, our vessel upkeep and technical management services have included:

  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Class and Singapore Flag Liaison: Certificate Renewal; Exemption Applications; Submissions and tracking.
  • Mooring Equipment Upgrades: We designed and fabricated four new bollards for the barge following ABS requirements; all bollards were designed and fabricated in accordance with ISO standards and vessel structure; the bollards were verified in accordance with ABS rules for barges; all of the underdeck structure was approved by ABS.

Structural verification

Canyon Offshore Ltd contracted us to perform the structural verification and sea-fastening design for the installation of the Launch and Recovery System (LARS) for the deployment of the trencher T-750 on Maersk Lifter. Maersk Lifter is an Anchor Handler with a ‘Whale Back’ arrangement over her stern.

The T-750 required an A-frame and Umbilical Winch for its deployment which were to be sea-fastened to the ship deck. As the trencher had to be deployed from the stern of the vessel, Malin Consult designed a bespoke A-Frame sea-fastening seats to match with the shape of the ’whale back’ of the vessel, alongside a winch grillage to uniformly distribute the forces to the vessel deck, both of which were approved by Lloyds Register.

Deployment analysis

We were awarded the contract to perform a deployment analysis for a Mid Water Arch (MWA) off of Technip’s Dive Support Vessel, the Skandi Arctic. The deployment procedure utilised a secondary vessel, the Fugro Symphony, to hold back the MWA away from the crane wire.

The deployment analysis was performed using the marine dynamic analysis software, Orcaflex. The Skandi Arctic and Fugro Symphony were modelled, based on response amplitude operators (RAO) supplied by the client, while the MWA was modelled in accordance with DNV-RP-H103.